Dr. Mei Yam

Veterinarian & Practice Owner (DVM)

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mei obtained her veterinary degree from Melbourne University in 2015. 

After graduation she worked in Melbourne small and mixed animal practices. 

In 2018, Mei relocated to Sydney as a full-time locum in small animal practices. 

Mei admits having no prior awareness of the significance of raw meaty bones when she accepted a position at Tom Lonsdale’s Bligh Park Pet Health Centre. Besides the small animal practice, with a preponderance of loyal ‘rescue groups’, the practice operated a retail outlet with chicken frames, quail frames, abattoir offal, sheep and pig heads and wild rabbits.

Armed with a healthy dose of scepticism, Mei admits she was resistant to the alleged raw meaty bones benefits. However, the constant parade of returning clients buying supplies made an impact. Reading the case records of patients, Mei noted how skin, ear, teeth and gastro-intestinal problems that are the recurring bane of general practitioners seemed not to be a problem at Bligh Park Pet Health Centre. 

Gradually with study, experience and listening to the positive stories from clients and nursing staff, Mei became confident and able to pass on the good news to owners of new puppies and kittens. For older patients she learnt that the first step to health in all instances is to STOP feeding commercial offerings, deal with the inevitable periodontal disease and only then commence other more conventional therapies. Simultaneously, of course, the animals were changed on to a raw meaty bones based diet.

The results were and continue to be ‘life-changing’ for pets and their owners too. 

Dr Tom Lonsdale

Veterinarian (BVetMed MRCVS)

For Dr Tom's biography please visit http://rawmeatybones.com/aboutus.php



Sandra Sultana

Head Nurse

Sandra has been a vet nurse since 16 years old, she assisted Dr. Lonsdale in reestablishing this practice in 2011. You will almost always be greeted by Sandra when you walk through the front door. Her most friendly and personable character always make sure that clients and the team are being looked after. She has exceptional passion and dedication to animals and the veterinary industry. 

Sandra has two teenage children Brad and Hayley. They are part of the big family as well. She keeps four dogs and one cat, loves to take her dogs out for 4km walks each morning and start the day afresh at the clinic after!


Lynda Mannix

Financial Administrator

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