Work With Us

Work With Us


Bligh Park Pet Health Centre is a unique and mission-driven place to work. Its fast-paced dynamic and opportunity ridden. There are challeges to face everyday however the team always supports each other.


We employ and work with a variety of talents and would love to hear from you:

  • Veterinary Staff - Vets, nurses, kennel hand/ cleaning staff
  • Raw Meaty Bones Packaging Staff - Includes picking up supply, packaging on site, and restocking freezers.
  • Raw Meaty Bones Suppliers - We are open to expanding the selections and variety of Raw Meaty Bones, so if you have a great product, give us a call/ email.
  • Social Media promotion and collaborations - The education and transition to feeding Raw Meaty Bones is the most valuable opportunity to change an animal's and their owner's life. Any support that spreads the word is warmly welcomed.

Resources and next steps:

We would love to hear from you! 

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