Raw Meaty Bones Retail Shop

Raw Meaty Bones Retail Shop

Our Raw Meaty Bones Freezer room offers bones that is suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats. We pack and freeze the products onsite. The bones are packed in meal-size portions and freezed down to -18ºC before available for retail. They are safe and convenient products. 

The freezer room has recently been upgraded. The retail area is now turned to indoor with air conditioner installed. We have acquired new retail freezer for the ease of browsing as well. 

We offer a range of products: 

  • Chicken carcasses - loose or in 10Kg bags 
  • Corn-fed chicken carcasses
  • Kangaroo tails
  • Meatier kangaroo in big pieces
  • Quail frames
  • Whole quails
  • Spatchcock frames
  • Rabbit
  • Large pieces of beef and lamb offal
  • Calf/ Lamb/ Pig heads

The retail store opening hour is the same as the clinic opening hours: Weekdays 9am- 7pm; weekends 9am- 11am. 365 days a year.

If you are new to Raw Meaty Bones feeding, please read through the Introduction to Raw Meaty Bones and/or join the RMB Feeding Community on our Facebook!