Our Story

Bligh Park Pet Health Centre 

Since 2011 on Rifle Range Road

As a matter of fact, there is no other veterinary clinic like Bligh Park Pet Health Centre.

Ask our clients, and they would say the same. 

What sets us apart is our pride and joy in sharing the truths & realities of the Raw Meaty Bones diet, it is the wholistic natural food approach and the practice of addressing the fundamental needs of our dogs and cats. Only by ripping, tearing and chewing, our pets' intrinsic needs and instincts are met and only then are they able to achieve sustained long term health. 

 A healthy animal should be full of energy, have a lean body condition with a lush & shiny coat and lastly be free of odor or bad breath. Looking for these features are a part of the routine examinations however are consistently and easily overlooked, even though they are reflections of the internal health of an animal.

This clinic was re-opened in 2011 by Dr. Thomas Lonsdale, the author and pioneer of Raw Meaty Bones and Work Wonders. Tom's mission to educate pet owners about the dangers of manufactured pet food and to feed a Raw Meaty Bones diet began in 1991. He was a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, London in 1976 and he did start off practicing in the conventional approach. However, seeing large proportions of pets suffering from periodontal and other diet-related diseases alerted him to the dangers of commercial diet feeding.

Periodontal disease is the most common disease seen in small animal practices - putrid breath, congested gums and rotten teeth, these can significantly impact the health and well-being of animals.

All this was sufficient in itself to give reason for concern. However, sitting on the excuse that there was a lack of detailed research and advocacy among peers, the relevant regulatory authorities were slow to act. Not one to shy away from what's right, Tom undertook this school of thought independently to actively guide his clients towards this greater understanding. Since then, the discussion of raw meaty bones feeding has been the central focus in his consultations.

His journey, articles, research studies, and educational material are well detailed on www.rawmeatybones.com for viewing.

Fortunately, there was an unexpected light at the end of the tunnel. Dr. Mei Yam happened upon Dr. Tom's work and stumbled into this practice in 2018. Having started to practice three years prior, she was curious and interested to learn about whole food diets for pets, which had been significantly growing in popularity in recent years. Yet, like most traditional vets, she advised against it. Partly because the training said so, and in reality there being little shared clinical experience to learn from. 

Although confronting at first, the unconventional clinical experience and approach, the transformation of numerous cases and the testimonials from satisfied clients slowly started to sink in and inspire Mei. What meant a lot to her was his unwavering belief in doing the right thing for animls no matter the push back from the crictics and naysayers. In essence, the clinic always considered and treated animals as animals, the benefits and outcomes that all dogs and cats returning to nature's best was evident every single day.

Mei had also had her fair share of the frustrations of preventing and treating recurring periodontal disease. After experiencing first hand the impact of the Raw Meaty Bones diet, it was clear as day what was best for the animals. At it's very core, Bligh Park Pet Health Centre represented the next evolution or 'de-volution' of pet care. Always in the clients and furry patients' best interest, the Advocavy and Truths of RMB have been the cornerstone of this

In all of this, presently and even going back to the moment she first stepped into this practice, she was never going to turn her back on the animals. Knowing the challenges of this currently narrow discipline, but appreciating that our animals truly deserve better, Mei officially took over Bligh Park Pet Health Centre in October of 2020. She is supremely determined to carry the torch for Tom and his lifes' work to share the vision and education of Raw Meaty Bones to as many people and future generations as possible.