Our clinic is equipped with radiographic requipments that is very useful in providing diagnostic information for the following:

  • Orthopedic conditions

  • Chest and cardiac conditions

  • Abdominal conditions including gastrointestinal and urogenital origins. In addition to plain radiography, contrast studies are also frequently used to yield further information.

  • Pregnancy X-ray

Blood test

Blood test can be performed at our clinic and which is good in giving us information about:

  • Haematology - levels and morphology of red and white cells. Indicating the status of the circulatory and immune system

  • Basic biochemistry - reveals levels of liver and kidney enzymes, electrolytes level, thyroid levels or indication of hormonal disorders. 

Blood test can be run in-house for urgent matters or be sent off to Vetnostic Laboratory for professional pathologist interpretations. 

Urinalysis and faecal examinations

Does your animal have trouble going to the toilet? If there is, it often is helpful to run a urine or faecal sample.

Call and speak to our staff about how to get a sample.